St. Luke's Boise / Meridian
Medical Executive Committee

Ronald Jutzy, MD, Chief of Staff
Clifford Tenley, MD, Chief of Staff Elect
Lee Kornfield, MD, Secretary / Treasurer

Department Chairmen
Robert Centeno, MD, Anesthesiology
Samual Bass, MD, Cardiac and Vascular Services
Kenneth Bramwell, MD, Emergency Medicine
Kara Cadwallader, MD, Family Medicine
James Olson, MD, General Surgery
Steven Marx, MD, Medical Imaging
Frank Johnson, MD, Medicine
Jacqueline Maybach, MD, OB/GYN
Tonya Kuhn, MD, Oncology
Erik Heggland, MD, Orthopedics
Matthew Burtelow, MD, Pathology
Mark McConnell, MD, Pediatrics
Robert Korn, MD, Surgery

Clinical Section Chairmen
Scott Grant, DMD, Dentistry
Steven Mings, MD, Dermatology
Raymond Otto, MD, Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Management
James Whiteside, MD, Neurology
Kenneth Little, MD,Neurosurgery
Ralph Sutherlin, DO, Occupational Medicine
Scott Simpson, MD, Ophthalmology
Eric Nelson, MD, Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
John Boyajian, MD, Otolaryngology
Bradley Bretz, MD, Pain Medicine
Michael Sant, MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dean Sorensen, MD, Plastic / Reconstructive Surgery
Stephen Miller, MD, Urology

Committee Chairmen
David Fonseca, MD, Blood Product Management
Renee Bourquard, MD, Credentials
Philip Jensen, MD, Endoscopy
John Jambura, MD, Ethics
Sky Blue, MD and Thomas Coffman, MD, Infection Prevention
Steve Sadicario, MD, Medical Records
Mark McConnell, MD, Pediatric Intensive Care
Philippe Masser, MD, Pharmacy and Therapeutics
Brent Nelson, MD, Physician Excellence
Michael Hedemark, MD, Quality and Patient Safety
William Bergquist, MD, Thrombology
Mark Kieckbusch, MD, Transfusion / Blood Utilization
Susan Blough, MD, Utilization Management
Leslie Nona, MD, Wellness

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