Patient and Families
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At St. Luke's, we have established Relationship-based Care as our professional practice model, which means we place our patients and their families at the center of all we do.

It is an organizing framework for nurses—and for all
St. Luke’s employees—to anchor our work in relationship with our colleagues, our patients and their families, and our communities. Relationship-based Care calls us to be fully present in the authentic, trusting relationships that are the foundation of caring.

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Award Winning Care

Magnet RecogntionSt. Luke’s reputation for excellence is a reflection of the skilled and compassionate nurses who provide care for you and your family. St. Luke’s honors our nursing staff for their dedication, expertise, and commitment to their healing profession.

They have made St. Luke’s the nation's 39th Magnet hospital, an award unparalleled in nursing. National recognition is rewarding, but our nurses’ greatest satisfaction comes from making a difference every day, because caring for you is what they do best…generation after generation.

Mission and Vision

  • St. Luke’s Mission:
    To improve the health of people in our region.
  • Nursing Vision:
    Professional nursing at St. Luke’s is exemplified by a value-driven passion for patient-centered, holistic, and evidencebased innovative care in a collaborative setting.

Nursing Careers

St. Luke's enjoys an outstanding reputation both as a quality employer and a superior health care organization. We are proud of our people who deliver skilled, compassionate care every day, and strive to add to our team only those individuals who will continue in the same tradition of excellence.

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