St. Luke's Comprehensive Epilepsy Center of Idaho

St. Luke’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center of Idaho at our Boise hospital is home to an epilepsy monitoring unit that provides a controlled inpatient environment for the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy in adult and pediatric patients.

The epilepsy monitoring unit is a valuable asset to patients and physicians. It helps doctors classify the type of seizure, assists in identifying conditions that resemble epilepsy, allows for pre-surgical evaluation for the purpose of seizure localization, and allows for pharmacological and intensive care unit monitoring of epilepsy patients.

“Even the best medical management fails to achieve seizure control in up to 33 percent of people with active epilepsy,” says epileptologist Robert Wechsler, MD, PhD. “In these cases, care can often be improved through information obtained with monitoring.”

Prior to the opening of the St. Luke's Comprehensive Epilepsy Center of Idaho, people who required inpatient monitoring had to travel out of state to receive these evaluations.

“Our goal is to help people manage their seizures and enhance their quality of life,” says Dr. Wechsler. “Offering these services locally allows patients to experience minimized disruption of work, school, and home routines.”

Referral is required, please ask your physician to contact either Dr. Robert Wechsler at (208) 275-8585 or Dr. Sergei Kashirny at (208) 381-7335.


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