Ways to Give
St. Luke's Children's Specialty Center
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Thank you for your generous thoughtfulness toward the children and families at
St. Luke's Children's Specialty Center. Every donation makes a difference to our kids and teens.

Our  Children’s Specialty Center staff take great care in making sure your gifts are put to their best use. Your donation may go to an individual child as a way to brighten their day or be used in one of our many clinic playrooms.

Medically fragile children have special health needs, so we must be extra careful with the types of gifts we can accept. For example, dust, smells (such as smoke and perfume), and animal hair can be harmful to kids who are already sick. We ask that you please consider the following guidelines when choosing your items:

What we can take:

  • Recently purchased, clean, unused stuffed animals
  • New, clean, unused handmade items such as blankets, tote bags, and pillow cases (please make sure they are free of pins)
  • New and gently used books, toys, games, or electronics (iPads, Nintendo DS, etc.)

What we cannot take:

  • Used or old stuffed animals (due to infection control)
  • Food items (due to dietary restrictions)
  • Latex balloons (due to latex allergies and choking hazards)
  • Anything with political, violent, or religious themes
  • Get-well cards made for our patients
  • Gift wrapped donations

Listed below are several suggestions of items identified by our Children's Specialty Center staff.

  • Coloring books and crayons
  • Plastic toy trucks / cars or Hot Wheels cars
  • Plastic / wooden trains
  • Hard plastic animals
  • Infant to toddler age-appropriate toys (nothing cloth or stuffed)
    • Stacking toys
    • Push / pull toys
    • Shape sorters
    • Pop-up toys
    • Toy telephones
    • Plastic or board books
  • Toy kitchen accessories
  • Children's Books (i.e. "I Spy")
  • Bubbles
  • Magna Doodle
  • Grab bag toys (i.e. mini slinky, stickers, bracelets, mini balls, gliders, prisms, mini flashlights)

Bringing Your Donations to the Children’s Specialty Center
We can generally accommodate donation drop-offs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. To schedule a drop-off, please call the Administration office at (208) 381-7000.

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