Ways to Give
Making a Gift of Stock

Stock held in “Street Name”

1. Contact your broker and tell him/her to:

« Transfer the securities to the UBS Financial Services office in Boise using the following detail and the St. Luke's Foundation Transfer of Stock letter.

« The securities are transferred electronically from our securities firm to the other using the DTC Clearing Number 0221.

Be sure to specify the exact date on which you wish the securities transferred to the St. Luke’s Foundation account.

2. Call St. Luke's Foundation Office at 381-2123 and indicate the following:

  • The name and city of your brokerage firm;
  • The stocks being transferred; and
  • The date of the transfer.

The date of transfer is the date of your gift. The value of the gift is determined by multiplying the number of shares times the mean between the high and low as traded over-the-counter, (per IRS regulations). St. Luke’s Foundation’s policy is to sell the securities received as gifts upon receipt (within five business days maximum).

Stock (securities) held personally, i.e., securities registered in an individual’s name

Please work directly with St. Luke's Foundation staff to assure proper delivery and valuation.

The Foundation Office will send you a letter with the exact value of the gift so you will have this information for your tax records.

If you have any questions or need assistance with specific language please call:

Jeff Cilek
Executive Director, St. Luke's Health Foundation
External Relations Assistant to the President
(208) 381-4883


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