Collaborative Care
Tumor Boards


Interdisciplinary collaboration is vital to successful cancer care. At St. Luke’s MSTI, experts including medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, genetic counselors, oncology nurse practitioners, social workers, and other specialists participate in “Tumor Boards.”

These experts get together often to plan treatment for the most complex cancer cases, sharing their expertise in designing each patient’s individual course of care.

Each year, St. Luke’s MSTI cancer experts collaborate to evaluate hundreds of complex cancer cases at Tumor Boards at St. Luke’s hospitals in Boise, Magic Valley, Meridian, and Wood River. They also participate in case reviews at hospital Tumor Boards in Nampa, Ontario, Baker City, and LaGrande, ensuring superior medical care throughout the region. 

Patients benefit from the expertise and experience of people they may never see. But they’re there, working together to determine the best treatment possible.



  • St. Luke's Mountain States Tumor Institute