Prevention and Screening


St. Luke's MSTI is dedicated to preventing cancer through healthy lifestyles and community education, and to providing health screenings that find cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage.

History Prevention and Risk Factors
Learn the 9 major risk factors for cancer, and 10 ways you can reduce your risk.

Community Involvement Educational Programs
Helping kids and families build healthy habits, and resist harmful ones.

Awards and Accreditations Detection / Screenings
The warning signs of cancer, and screening options for early detection.

Genetic Counseling Genetic Counseling
Evaluating family histories for hereditary cancer syndromes.

Locations Breast Care
Mammography, genetic counseling, treatment, support, and survival.

Collaborative Care Skin Cancer
Protecting your skin and watching for the early warning signs of skin cancer.

Caring For Caregivers Colorectal Cancer
Order your free colon health test kit, and learn about warning signs, risk factors, and screening.

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