Pediatric NICU Follow-up Clinic

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Children born prematurely or with unexpected medical complications may be at risk for problems with their development or learning. These problems, when discovered early, are treatable and may have less of an impact on the child's overall development. St. Luke's Children's Hospital is committed to identifying potential problems early and helping parents find resources to help optimize their child's growth and development. Follow-up visits begin at four months of age, corrected for prematurity, and continue at one and two years of age.

At the clinic visits, a developmental pediatrician, pediatric nurse, and pediatric occupational therapist will review your child's physical and developmental progress since leaving the NICU. The visit will take approximately 30 minutes. You will receive feedback at the visit regarding your child's progress or concerns. A written report will be sent to you and your child's primary care physician.

The visits may include recommendations for more in-depth evaluations by other pediatric specialists. If further assessments are recommended for your child, the NICU Follow-up Clinic will make these referrals.

If your child is referred by the NICU neonatologist, the NICU Follow-up Clinic will contact you to schedule your child's appointment and obtain billing information for the clinic visit. Clinics are held Wednesday mornings at the St. Luke's Developmental Pediatric Clinic located on the second floor of St. Luke's Children's Specialty Center on the Boise campus.

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The clinic is temporarily on hold. Please call for information.

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