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2015 Targets & Incentives

Healthy U = Healthy Rewards

This free, confidential and voluntary program delivers a healthy return on your investment in wellness! Enroll in St. Luke’s Healthy U and achieve the 2015 Healthy U targets outlined below to save up to $30 per pay period ($780 per year) on your medical plan contributions. Your savings double ($1560 per year) when your dependent spouse participates and achieves the targets too!


Health Measure


2015 Healthy U Target

Per Pay Period Incentive
Per Plan Year Incentive
Complete both annual requirements between February 9 and 27, 2015



Tobacco Status

No tobacco use
(verified by screening)




Blood Pressure Control

Systolic BP: < 140 mmHg


Diastolic BP: < 90 mmHg




Blood Sugar Control

Fasting Blood Glucose (FBG):

less than 100 mg/dL

Diabetes Goal
HgA1c: less than 8.0




Weight Management

Body Mass Index: less than 30


Waist Circumference:
less than 35 inches for women

less than 40 inches for men



Total St. Luke’s Healthy U Incentive Package

Employee who enrolls in the health plan AND meets all HU targets:
  $780/plan year
Dependent spouse on the health plan who meets all HU targets:
  $780/plan year
  $1560/plan year

Why these Healthy U Targets?

St. Luke's Healthy U is focused on helping you achieve a healthy blood pressure, blood glucose or HgA1c, weight and nicotine cessation as these health conditions are leading causes of cardiovascular disease and preventable death. Selected targets are consistent with national guidelines established by the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association and the National Quality Forum. To align with recommended fasting blood glucose (FBG) and Body Mass Index (BMI) measures, please be aware that the Healthy U targets have been adjusted to FBG less than 100 and BMI less than 30 in plan year 2015/16. Additional targets such as cholesterol may also be added as we continue to look for opportunities to raise the bar for employee health.

How will I know which incentives I earn?

Following the Know Your Numbers Screening & online Health Assessment period, an online report card will be available indicating the incentive credit you and/or your spouse qualified for. You will also see the St. Luke’s Healthy U credit reflected on your first pay stub in April. Additionally, if you qualify for a premium rebate from 2014/2015, you will see the lump sum reflected on your second paycheck in April.

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