Visiting Hours and Visitor Guidelines
at St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center

Visiting Hours
Visitors are welcome at St. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center. Patient care
is our primary concern so visiting times may vary based on patient/family needs. Please check with the unit’s nursing station prior to visiting your loved one in their room. Suggested visiting hours are
10 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. Visiting hours for support persons are unlimited but may be regulated by a
caregiver in order to best meet the medical needs of the patient. Please ask the nurse if there are
visiting restrictions for your loved one or in their current hospital unit.

After 9 p.m., all visitors must enter through the Main Entrance to the hospital. Security staff will assist you. All other entrances are locked to ensure the safety of patients, visitors, and staff.

Tips for Visiting With Children
Children are welcome to visit when another visiting adult accompanies them. We recommend children under 4 years should only visit for brief periods of times (30 minutes or less). Visitation by children may be limited during high community infection conditions (such as cold and flu season). Please check with the unit’s nursing station prior to visiting.

Pet Visitation
Patients who have domesticated cats and dogs may be permitted to have their pets make special visits to them, in their room, at the discretion of nurse caregivers. For guidelines and approval, please ask your nurse. Pet Partners® may also make rounds in certain areas while you are here. These pets and their handlers are specially trained to visit hospitals and bring smiles to the patients they greet.

Visitor Guidelines

Smoking Policy
SLMVMC is a smoke-free facility. Please do not smoke in the medical center or
in front of entrances. Please ask a caregiver for locations of designated smoking areas outside the
hospital. Note: Effective January 1, 2008 St. Luke’s Magic Valley will become tobacco-free on all
St. Luke’s property.

Cell Phones
Cell phone use is permitted in most areas of the hospital. Cell phones are not allowed in
the Intensive Care Unit and the Neonatal Care Unit.

Two-way Radios
Two-way radios may adversely impact patients in the hospital, and are not allowed
in “transmit” mode within 20 feet of the following departments: Emergency Department, Operating
Rooms, Peri-Anesthesia Care Unit, Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Neonatal Care Unit, and Pediatric Special Care Unit.

Personal Electrical Devices
To provide a safe environment for patients, staff, and visitors, we
discourage the use of any personally owned electronic devices (such as razors or radios) in patient care areas. If an electronic item is needed for patient comfort, the patient’s caregiver must approve it.

Only flowers and plants from florists are allowed in the hospital. (There is a vending machine
for flowers located on the first floor.) Due to infection prevention policies, flowers are not permitted in critical care areas such as the Intensive Care Unit or the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Non-latex balloons and cards are encouraged for patients in these areas.

Latex balloons are not permitted, as many people experience latex allergies. Mylar
(non-latex) balloons are allowed in most units of the hospital, however. Visitors are encouraged to
choose mylar balloons and cards when bringing gifts to patients.

Food and Drinks
Please check with the nurse before bringing gifts of food or drink.

Gift Shop
The St. Luke’s Magic Valley Auxiliary Gift Shop, located on the Main Floor, has a variety of great gifts and is staffed by our friendly volunteers. The Gift Shop can be reached by calling 814-1084 or extension 41084 from your hospital room. Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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