Pulmonary Functions Lab

The Pulmonary Functions Lab conducts a full range of pulmonary studies, utilizing pulmonary functions machines ranging from a portable unit to complete plethysmograghy studies. Transtracheal oxygen therapy services are also offered.

The lab is involved in the Transtracheal Oxygen Program, Patient Assessment/Teaching, methacholine and exercise induced bronchospasm evaluation, and pre-operative studies. The respiratory therapists are also involved in asthma education and smoking cessation as well as community and employee spirometries.

Pulmonary Functions Tests (PFTs) are part of the diagnostic tools used by the physician to assess patients' breathing and any problems they may be having with their breathing. Exercise, medications, smoking, environmental contaminates, and other issues may cause breathing problems. In order for a physician to better diagnose and treat breathing disorders, he or she may order one of several types of PFTs, depending on the symptoms the patient is experiencing. The PFT lab at St. Luke's Magic Valley offers a full range of testing to our patients.

Patients may call the lab at 737-2688 during normal business hours if they have questions regarding pulmonary testing.

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