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Why Your Gifts Count

As a not-for-profit community hospital, the doors of St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center are open to every person in need of care, no matter the concern, time of day, or ability to pay. St. Luke's is here for you, whether you have a minor injury or a life-threatening illness, and we are committed and prepared to provide the best quality care, every minute of every day.

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With today's increasing numbers of uninsured and underinsured patients; declining Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance reimbursements; and the rising cost of technology, it is challenging to sustain the positive income that allows for reinvestment in existing programs, acquisition of advanced technology, development of innovative services, and support for other essential community health care services.

You Can Help Your Family, Friends, and Neighbors.
The high standard of health care services in the Magic Valley is the key benefit provided to all of us with the help of many generous donors who make philanthropic contributions of all sizes. Gifts to the Foundation of any amount will assist us to provide funds for technological upgrades, staff education and training, and essential programs and services; assist other community health care providers; and create the healing environment to care for all the people of our region.

2011-2012 Projects Needing Support
Your support will help St. Luke's Magic Valley continue to provide current services, while enhancing its capabilities to care for everyone from fragile newborns to adults with heart disease.

  • Children's Health
  • Women's Health
  • Cancer programs and St. Luke's Mountain States Tumor Institute (MSTI) in Twin Falls
  • Hospital staff education
  • Cardiac services
  • Endowments

Continuing Areas of Need
No matter the size, your gift is important and appreciated, and will help meet local health care needs now and into the future. With your continued support, St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center will continue to provide a healing touch, a comforting hand, and a lifelong commitment to caring.

Capital Equipment Needs
For enhanced patient services and improved health care outcomes

  • Acute Care Specialty Beds

These specialty hospital beds promote greater comfort, as well as staff and patient safety. Each bed features built-in scales to weigh the patient, and mattresses specially designed to maintain and promote skin health, thus improving patient outcomes. Fundraising Need: $500,000

  • Cardiac Monitoring Technology

Thanks to a portable cardiac monitoring system, patients on the general medical/surgical unit at St. Luke's Magic Valley can have their heart status closely monitored outside the Intensive Care Unit. Updating the system with new, state-of-the-art technology, including alarm capabilities, will enhance patient safety. Fundraising Need: $250,000

  • Neonatal Warmers and Incubators

The quiet, warm, and comforting environment provided by neonatal incubators is vital to the care and development of ill and premature infants. These beds allow easy access to the tiniest patients, and include built-in scales and specialized mattresses. Fundraising Need: $160,000 (8 beds at $20,000)

  • Pediatric Cribs

St. Luke's Magic Valley is dedicated to the health and safety of children. These cribs provide the safety and security young children need while undergoing important treatment and therapy. Fundraising Need: $25,000 (six cribs)

Endowment Fundraising Needs
Funding the future of our local health care programs

  • Children At Risk Evaluation Services (CARES) Endowment

CARES provides comprehensive evaluation services in times of suspected child abuse. The CARES clinics in Twin Falls and Burley provide interviews, forensic medical exams, education for non-offending parents,counseling referrals and scholarships for CARES staff. Working with local law enforcement and child protection agencies, CARES minimizes trauma to children and their families and helps them move toward healing. An endowment fund ensures that CARES will be available to our community’s children for years to come. Fundraising Need: $500,000

  • Nursing Continuing Education Endowment

This endowment provides continuing education grants to St. Luke's Magic Valley nursing departments, nursing education, and to individual nurses seeking to further patient care skills and techniques. Fundraising Need: $100,000

  • Safe Kids Endowment

The Safe Kids Endowment provides support for important child safety education and injury prevention programs offered through the Magic Valley SAFE KIDS Coalition. Fundraising Need: $100,000

  • General Endowment

    The Foundation’s General Endowment provides support for health care programs of greatest need as determined by the Foundation Board of Trustees.
    Fundraising Need: $1,000,000

Community Programs

  • 900 Women Project

Idaho has the lowest mammography rate in the U.S.; and Health District V, which includes Magic Valley, is tied for the lowest mammography rate in Idaho. Lack of screenings lead to a high rate of advanced stage breast cancers and many preventable deaths. The ultimate goal of this critical program is to increase the Magic Valley’s screening mammogram rate by 10 percent each year, or 900 additional women. Fundraising need: $75,000.

  • Free Heart Screenings

St. Luke's Magic Valley has provided a free heart screening service to more than 3,000 Magic Valley residents. This screening includes an analysis of multiple risk factors including personal history, blood pressure, body fat, weight, cholesterol, and blood sugar. The screening culminates in a counseling session with a registered nurse who makes recommendations based on each participant’s results. Our goal is to continue this service and expand it to include additional south central Idaho residents. Fundraising Need: $50,000

Patient Care Services

  • Cancer Patient Emergency Fund

Patients receiving care at St. Luke's MSTI in Twin Falls sometimes lack the funds to provide for their most basic needs. This fund assists in providing groceries, utilities, vehicle repairs, and medications when other community resources are not immediately accessible or available. Fundraising Need: $20,000 annually

St. Luke's Magic Valley strives for excellence, and can provide even better care to residents of the Magic Valley through philanthropy.

We Are Thankful for Your Support.
Every gift makes a difference. With your continued support, St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center will continue to provide a healing touch, a comforting hand, and a lifelong commitment to caring.

Give so we can do more.
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The Internal Revenue Service allows deductions to qualifying donors of charitable gifts. These charitable contributions should be discussed with your tax or legal advisor.

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