Lifeline Program
St. Luke's Magic Valley

St. Luke’s Magic Valley Health Foundation is proud to provide Lifeline as a way for individuals to live independently as long as possible, and for families to protect their loved ones. We invite you to experience the comfort and peace of mind that comes from living with the security of Lifeline.  

Lifeline is a telephone communication system designed for those who may be at risk of falling or other injury, and who live alone or are left alone for long periods of time. The Lifeline system is a button that can be worn as a bracelet or necklace. If a Lifeline client falls or experiences a medical emergency, he or she can press the button to call for help. We also offer the new Auto Alert button, which can detect a fall and send an alert even if the client is unconscious. The Auto Alert button can be worn as a necklace.

There is a one-time installation charge and mileage fee for Lifeline service, and a monthly service charge.

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St. Luke's Lifeline Program
Phone: (208) 814-0065

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