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InfantEnhancing the community’s health care through philanthropy. 

Today we healed the sick. 
Today we comforted the suffering. 
And most precious and wonderful of all... 
today we saved a life.
Give so we can do more. 

How often have you thought 
“If only I had the resources to make a difference in the health of our community?”

As we all know, health care needs affect each and every one of us, somehow, somewhere, sometime. Particularly when we least expect it. 

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Ways to Give: Every Gift Makes a Difference

There are many ways you can help and make a difference today. Whether a cash donation or a planned gift, your donation strengthens the ability of St. Luke's Magic Valley Health Foundation to help provide and support high quality health care today and tomorrow. You may make an unrestricted gift to benefit the most urgent area of need or designate the service or program you would like to help, such as the Joyce E. and Gordon O. Glasmann Endowment Fund, which supports prostate cancer education programs and equipment purchases. Your contribution is tax deductible for the amount allowed by law. Other funds and programs include:

  • Breast Cancer Endowment Fund
  • Diabetic Fund 
  • Heart Fund 
  • Hospice Program 
  • Lifeline Program
  • Maternal/Child Fund 
  • Safe Kids 
  • Quick Response Units

Charitable gifts are an important and fulfilling way to take action that can help shape the world around you. With your help, we are able to make a difference in the health care needs of residents of the Magic Valley and northern Nevada. The array of gift-giving options and the ways you can incorporate them into your financial plan are as varied as the circumstances they serve. Some of the ways are listed below. St. Luke's Magic Valley Health Foundation is always available to provide further information and to suggest a gift that fits with your lifestyle and philanthropic goals. 

Planned Gifts: Many options are possible to give you tax and income benefits.

Cash Gifts: Monetary gifts can be made with cash or checks. Make a donation now

Matching Gifts: Your donation can go twice as far! Many employers offer programs that will match the funds an employee donates to a non-profit such as St. Luke's Magic Valley Health Foundation.

Gifts of Stocks/Bonds: A donation of stocks or mutual funds can save you money on your federal and state taxes. Talk to your financial advisor for details or call the Foundation office at 208.737.2480 and talk to Foundation Director, Dolores Korf. She will be happy to help you any way she can.

Annual Hospital Campaign: You can give through the St. Luke's Magic Valley work place campaign to United Way or the Foundation's various funds.

Real Property Gifts: A gift of real property can significantly reduce taxes.

Bequests: The donor names the Foundation in his or her will. This can be a fixed amount, a percent of the final estate, the residual after family gifts are made, or by naming specific assets. Estate gifts will help assure that quality community health care will continue to be available in the future. Your gift of cash, securities, property, or life insurance will enhance the health care services available to you and your family, while providing a possible reduction in your income and estate taxes.

Deferred Gifts: After a donor has provided for his or her family obligations, a planned gift to the Foundation is a simple way to provide a lasting legacy. 

The term “deferred” or “planned” gift describes the planning method of deciding upon a gift now that will benefit the Foundation’s mission at a later date. This often results in a much larger gift than if the donor provided an out-of-pocket donation today. Over time the deferred gift usually becomes more substantial in size than the initial cash amount, producing a more significant impact on the health of the community. 

Charitable Remainder Trusts: The donor uses assets to establish a trust, with St. Luke's Magic Valley Health Foundation named as the final beneficiary. This method allows the donor to receive both the cash flow from the trust and a charitable deduction. 

Charitable Gift Annuities: The Foundation agrees to provide a fixed amount of income back to the donor each year for his or her lifetime and is named the ultimate beneficiary of the annuity. 

Other Giving Options: The Foundation provides many different opportunities for donors to give to the community's future health care needs, while also meeting personal and financial goals. 

St. Luke's Magic Valley Health Foundation staff members are available to discuss any estate or gift planning concerns. All potential donors should work with their financial advisors and the Foundation before any gift is finalized; to insure that the most appropriate asset and the most beneficial method is used to meet the donor’s needs. 

For details, please contact Dolores Korf , Executive Director of St. Luke's Magic Valley Health Foundation at 208.814-0070 She will be happy to answer your questions and help you any way she can.

Statement of Intent: If you have made a provision for a gift to St. Luke's Magic Valley Health Foundation, please let the Foundation know by completing and emailing this form. Thank you! 



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