Why is Magnet designation important to patients and their families?

MagnetNurses are an integral part of every hospital, and we count on them to take care of our needs when we have surgery, experience the birth of a baby or undergo treatment for cancer. However, today’s health care organizations are facing many challenges, including a growing number of uninsured and under-insured patients, rising drug costs and a severe nursing shortage. While St. Luke’s has also felt the effects of these challenges and changes, our commitment to caring has remained the same. Last year we treated more than 573,000 patients, from tiny newborns to centenarians, with an unwavering goal to help and to heal.

It is this dedication to excellence that earned St. Luke’s designation as the nation’s 39th Magnet hospital by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). The Magnet Program recognizing excellence in nursing services was established in 1993, and since that time just 65 hospitals have been granted Magnet designation. The Magnet Program provides a framework to recognize excellence in:

  • the management philosophy and practices of nursing service;
  • adherence to standards for improving the quality of care;
  • leadership of the chief nurse executive in supporting professional practice and continued competence of nursing personnel;
  • and attention to the cultural and ethnic diversity of patients and their significant others, as well as the care providers in the system.

Hospitals that achieve Magnet status not only have proven themselves as quality patient care providers, they are able to attract and retain skilled and experienced nurses. At Magnet facilities, low nurse-to-patient ratios are the rule, which helps ensure that nurses have adequate time to give each patient the special care they deserve. Magnet designation is the gold standard by which the nursing profession is judged, ranking St. Luke’s care among some of the finest medical centers in the world.

What this means to our patients and their families is award-winning nursing care that is compassionate, patient-centered, and always reaching for a higher standard. Magnet designation is important because it assures that when you come to St. Luke’s…one of America’s best is caring for you.


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