Research at St. Luke's

Every day, health research at St. Luke’s is helping us find new and better ways to treat and prevent disease. Research promotes cutting-edge medicine and translates new discoveries into patient care realities. 

Advancing Medicine

Medical breakthroughs and advances come from health research. Clinical trials are the way we create better medications, treatments, and preventive measures. A partnership between patients, doctors, and researchers, every study includes rigorous safeguards to protect the safety of participants.

Helping the World
Health research moves medicine forward for everyone. When our researchers complete a study, they share their results with other doctors and researchers around the world. Your participation in research can potentially benefit not only you, but many others.

Participant Center
Find a research trial and learn more about participating in clinical trials.

Information for Researchers
Submit a project request and learn more about requirements for approval of research projects.

Institutional Review Board
The Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversees research to protect the rights and welfare of participants.

Innovation and Collaboration
Bringing leaders in research across industries together to explore novel research opportunities.

Patient Stories
Read more about participant experiences with medical research.

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