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For all forms of human research conducted at St. Luke’s at entities or facilities, and/or supported by St. Luke’s resources, the Health System abides by ethical principles, regulatory and compliance requirements, and policies and procedures. These activities require compliance to several sources of complex regulations, including:

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulations on research with human beings
  • Health and Human Services (DHHS) Regulations on research with human beings
  • International Conference on Harmonization (ICH)
  • Other sources of regulations, policies, and procedures concerning the conduct of clinical trials.

St. Luke’s is committed to protecting the rights and welfare of subjects in human research, and conducts a careful evaluation of all aspects of the study and the study staff before a study is approved. St. Luke’s Research Regulatory Office assists researchers with the preparation, submission, and maintenance of clinical trials regulatory data.  For information on conducting research at St. Luke's, please email the Medical Director for Research at or call (208) 381-8912.

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Researcher Toolkit

Human Subjects Researcher Training
Access training requirements for researchers.

Conflict of Interest Reporting
Learn more about requirements for reporting Conflicts of Interest .

Study Management Tools
Access tools you can use once your study has been approved to manage study conduct. 

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