Nutrition Education

Clinical Nutrition Services
Managing healthy lifestyles and diabetes

Diabetes Self-Management Training
We offer a full spectrum of classes to the community through our American Diabetes Association-recognized program. Classes are taught by a nurse and dietitian, and are available for children, teens, adults, and for women during pregnancy.

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Healthy Lifestyle and Weight Management
Classes are offered for children, teens, and adults, with a combination of individual and group sessions. Classes are led by a dietitian with certificates of training in weight management.

The YEAH! program (Youth Engaged in Activities for Health) is a fun and exciting way for kids, teens, and their families to develop tools to take charge of their health.

The BEST U program is a healthy weight management program for adults that covers all aspects of sustainable lifestyle changes.

Nutrition Counseling
Individual appointments with a dietitian are available to community members for a variety of nutrition topics, including nutrition as it relates to disease management and prevention, disordered eating, and wellness.


Our Educators


Nancy Dettori RN, CDE
Nurse Diabetes Educator


Laurie McBride RD, LD
Clinical Dietitian


Sarah Seppa MS, RD, LD
Clinical Dietitian


The current class schedule is available online or by calling St. Luke’s Center for Community Health at (208) 727-8733.

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